Wholesale Raw and Organic Honey

Get raw and organic honey:


  • in buckets ranging from 5kgs up to 25kgs.

  • 300kg - special drums for food industry , sweets producers etc.

 We export honey to customers from more than 15 countries:

Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Poland ,Norway , France, Greece, Germany, Singapore, Austria, China, Japan, Kuwait, Israel, Canada.


For more information, email us at : info@nuts4honey.com



Raw Organic Honey produced by natural and organic standards by us. Unpasteurized and Unprocessed Pure Honey straight from the hives to keep its natural goodness.

  • 100% Raw & Organic

  • Cold Extraction

  • No pesticides or GMO's

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Nuts 4 Honey Ltd

Kent, United Kingdom


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09:00 to 18:00

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