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Whisky, Honey & Sweet Orange Soap


This wonderful blend is like a hot toddy for your skin! The whisky content has antiseptic properties which helps to fight acne and pimples and reduce inflammation so those blemishes will be history. The honey is a natural anti-bacterial, so it makes the perfect marriage with the whisky to combat acne, leaving your complexion clearer and fresher. With sweet orange in the mix, the soap not only smells amazing, but it also has a high vitamin C and citric acid content to help clean away toxins and excess dirt and oil for a fresh glow!


How to Use Our Soap


To get the most from your soap bar, we recommend that you wet the hands with warm water (in the shower or under a warm tap) and rub the soap bar between the hands to lather it up, then apply the soap to the skin gently rubbing to create a gentle lather. Once you have cleansed the skin with the soap, rinse off with warm water and pat the skin dry.




For External use only, avoid contact with the eye stop using if irritation occurs. Keep away from children.


Allergies: Made in a place that handles nut oil.


Note: All our products are handmade in small batches to maintain the quality of the products, therefore this may lead to slight variations in colours and scent. However, this will not affect the quality of the products. To prolong the life of our soap boars, please keep away from constant direct streams of water and have the soap dry between uses.

Handmade Whisky, Honey & Sweet Orange Soap

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