Plug it in, turn it on and breathe... This model A4 with built-in ionizer enhances the volatile fraction of numerous Propolis flavonoids, sanitizing and purifying the air. Active beneficial components of propolis remain in the air we breathe and reach our lungs, bronchioles and alveolus to help alleviate lung infections, build immunity to allergies and clean accumulated deposits.

Covers 45 to 90 cubic meters. Works best in areas of up to 369 sq. ft. (25 sq m²). Ships with 1 cartridge, lasting 126 hrs or about 6 days of 24/7 usage. Made of easy to clean plastic. Size of a facial tissue box, portable and an ideal traveling companion when staying in hotel rooms.
Model: A4
The PROPOLOTHERAPY model offers two functions:

Sanification of your immediate surroundings via the gentle diffusion of the volatile fraction of propolis. Scientific studies have shown a 71.3% reduction in microbes after just 3 days of use (Biologi Italiani, 1996).

Breath high quality Propolis directly through a mask.

The PROPOLtherapy diffuser has a multifunction touchpad, allowing you to personalize your experience.

It is possible to:

disactivate the ionizer allows use in the presence of children under 3 years of age.

using the fan will allow you to saturate the environment up to 60 mq.

turn on/off the acoustics.

Information is available in 5 languages - English, Italian, German, French and Spanish.

The PROPOLtherapy kit includes a mask (adults and childrens) and tube.

Replacement capsules available at the page: Replacement capsules

Propoltherapy Model A4




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