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Propolis is the resin collected by bees from the buds of plants and trees.  The resin  is taken back to the hive where it's properties are elevated  by adding wax and other bee secretions. 


The bees use Propolis to guard against external foreigners such as mice & moths as well as using it to fight micro biological threats.


One of the reasons behind propolis’ popularity is that it’s thought to have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.


Water Based Propolis is 100% raw maintains all of the antioxidant compounds ever existed in the propolis in the hive.


Administration :


Propolis can be taken as needed, usually ten drops three times a day. 

Suitable for the whole family, including children over the age of 1.


Storage  : 

Away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

NO : Pasteurized or heated

FREE of alcohol , propylene glycols, glycerine, preservaties and other additives

100% bioavailable



Water Based Propolis 50ml

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