Propolair diffusers work exclusively with capsules by Kontak. The disposable capsules last for up to 122hrs. At the end of their cycle the capsule needs to be removed and substituted with a new one and the diffuser should be reset (please go to Replacement capsules for car diffuser page)The new and original PropolAir Car is the only propolis diffuser on the market designed for cars, trucks and caravans. Designed for those who spend a lot of time traveling, Propolair Car gently heats up propolis contained in the capsule, slowly releasing the volatile fraction of propolis around your car.The propolis quickly fills the small space of your car, combating the harmful effects of urban traffic, making it ideal for city life and anyone traveling where there are high levels of pollution.PropolAir Car is simple to use, and thanks to its adjustable base can be folded and plugged into any cigarette lighter socket (12V) in the car or caravan.This vaporizer sanitizes the air and filters out air pollution with propolis capsules, a 100% natural product from the hive. Propolis has proven effectiveness due to its antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antioxydant properties. Also an excellent immune system stimulant, the perfume of propolis will make you feel like you are in mobile beehive!

Propolis diffuser car model




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