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Multifloral Honey

Our Multifloral Honey has been harvested from wildflower meadows and trees .

Honey made from the nectar of many different flowers. The composition of the Multifloral Honey is always different seasonally and by regions.This honey is known as one of the most beneficial as the wide range of medicinal herbs, garden herbs and plants visited by the bees providing all their goodness to the Multifloral Honey.

Multifloral Honey has many therapeutic properties. It sets eventually, again very subtle and gentle, and perfect for set honey lovers! It can be used externally due to its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Thus, the honey helps the healing process and prevents infections in wounds or superficial burns. The bees also add an enzyme called oxydase glucose, so that when the honey is applied to a wound, this enzyme allows the honey to produce hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water).

Good to know: Multifloral Honey has the tendency to crystallise quickly. This is a natural process of raw honey and it does not affect the quality. If you prefer runny honey just place the jars in warm water (max 40C) or put it on the radiator and it will return to its runny form. Never microwave Raw Honey!

Harvested: May-August Suitable for:• Vegetarians (Yes)• Gluten Free (Yes)• Lactose Free (Yes)• Nut Free (Yes)

Multifloral Honey

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